Thursday, February 22, 2007

Having Some Fun

Yesterday my son reminded me for the third time he needed a trim. Its still cold but the boys hate to have hair over the ears. I should be thankful that they have grown up. It was not that long ago when he was asking to grow his hair out so he could resemble some guy in his anime programs. Plus all that hair gel makes his hair produce more dandruff! I told him to grab my kit and meet me in the bathroom. I came in a proceeded to pull out the pieces and he put the shawl around his neck and pulled up the garbage can. We began to trim the sides and I always work around and then the top of the head in case they want it longer on the top. Aieysha was teasing and said Mom why don't you do one of those designs on his head like the kids at school? Well by then I was down to a strip down the middle of his head. Hummm, its long enough. Hey he could sport a mohawk. We laughed and decided that we would gel and color it until his dad came home and give dad a shock. When dad walked in the door he was surely shocked. But they wanted to cut it off. Boy they are no fun. I told him he ought to go to school like that to see if anyone noticed him. I laughed and said we could pierce his ears too! Luckily I have good boys. But hey what do you think? Mohawk or no?

He is so much like his father. They say he was the spit of his dad when I visited his family.

I wonder does Libya have salon sinks like here in the USA? If not I will bring one. I hate to have to shower just to wash off the loose hair. My niece bought us a hair trimmer set while we were in Libya so I can cut hair there too. But when its only 1.50$ why should I dirty the house? Here a cut can cost upwards of 10$.

Also here is a photo of the final snow buildup before we finally got some meltdown. The total was around 5 feet. This is a look down my street. Looks like white sand! I am still clearing the snow around my flower gardens.

Spring is in the air as my crocus and grape hyacinth are coming up and I can just see the tops of my irises and tulips. My water ponds are a mess and the kids broke one of my pumps so I need to do some work this year. I let the yard go last year and now I am paying the price. Oh well that's what we have trash day for. But we do have a forecast of more snow this weekend.