Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Trip to Make

When the Hubby and I married I promised I would go with him anywhere as long as before I left the country for good I would be able to go back to my childhood home and see my family one last time. Don't fear! I'm not leaving the country...at least not this time. Another trip is now in the plans and it is one that has been 37 years in the waiting. I'm going back home. I was born in Sanford, Florida and lived in a smaller town Geneva until I was seven when momma remarried. We left and returned for one year in 1972-1973. Since then, I have not been back home. After dad passed away momma moved back there to be close to her family. My sister Faye also lives there with her husband Mike.
I have been itching to go somewhere again and with this years taxes I asked him a favor. I want to go home. I had my grandchildren with me last summer and my mother and sister visited also during their stay. The day after their arrival I had a stroke and it scared me. Life is just to damn short. I need to see my family again. I need to see my roots and share it with my children. working on genealogy my kids hear some of the details of where I grew up but know little of my life. So me and the girls are making a trip. Tickets are bought and we will be leaving from May 9th to June 21st. While I am there I will be seeing my grandmother who will turn 90. I pray she holds on long enough for me to see her.
My camera is shot so I need to get another one before I go but I hope to do a few things while I am there. Go to the cemetery and photograph the headstones. Look up some records and talk to as many family members as I can. I have lost so many years and my own aunts and uncles I don't even know anymore. They have children I have never seen or they were babies when I last saw them and they are now parents themselves. I want to show the kids what is left of the home I grew up in, the school and places I lived at. Hopefully I will get a good chance to post all my adventures. I pray it is more than what I hoped when I visited my husbands family. I still love them and hope to travel there again but who knows when that will be. I made a video from some old images that I dedicated to my grandparents and I have added a link here. I am trying to get others interested in what I am doing. I guess I had already added this but there is another I will add too. Cant figure out how to remove the other one so here it is again.