Thursday, October 20, 2011

Am I Only Dreaming?

Last night I went to sleep wondering how much longer the madness in Libya could go on. Two weeks I had spent with my daughter Melissa helping her adjust to a new baby and a toddler. So much has happened since last night.

7:00am the phone rang, Suhayb got it before I could reach it and I heard him saying, "I will tell her", as I grabbed up the phone. My first thoughts was it was my daughter returning my call a bit early or I had overslept. I heard a friend of ours voice telling me, "He's dead. Did you see the news?" What news? I just woke up! Khadaffi is dead. What? HUH?? Ok thanks I will check out my sites. I went to my desk and shook my mouse and rubbed my eyes. I had only been home two days from two weeks with my daughter so I was catching up on sleep. Shortly after my skype started to ring. Its Britpat calling from Belgium. One of my buddies from the Livestream forum whom I still was in contact with. He was telling me I was sleeping and Khadaffi was dead I was missing it. What!! He brought me up to speed and I went upstairs to let my husband know.

Taher grumbled who was on the phone. I told him it was Abdul telling us G was dead. Yeah how many times we gonna hear someone is dead only to find out he isn't. OK go turn on the news to AJE and watch for yourself they are reporting it too. By the time he was ready for work the first bloody images of a very dead G came to the screen. He looked at me and said, "I still have to go to work." OK I said, maybe you will sell a car and it will be a good day.

I called Carolyn to let her know, freaked her out we don't get morning phone calls unless its bad news. No, its ok G is dead. Yes he is, look at the TV they are showing him now. She started to cry. Her husband arrived to work and I could hear her telling him, YES look at the TV.
Next call was to Theresa, Yeah ok you already know cool, we chatted for a bit catching up. No, I don't know how soon we could go how about you?

Skype again. Its UKWatcher my friend in the UK married to a Libyan. Yes, so happy me too. Yes its finally over, no I don't know how soon we will go. How about you? Three weeks hubby will go.

Go eat. I'm starved. Suhayb ended up cooking me breakfast. Eggs, we shared a plate and a cup of apple cider warm me up. Back downstairs. Screens up now catching up. Taher out the door 8:30am.

So now its 10pm and he is still not home yet. He did call a FF reported missing was identified two days ago. He was from Colorado. Didn't recognize the name. Guess what he was the husband of one of our friends daughters. She was just married it seems like last year. They have two kids who now will be without a father. How many more families will he destroy? Im tired now, its been a long day of watching tweets and watching reports on AJE waiting to see who else has died. Seems as if they got his son Mutassim as well. Good one less to worry about. Saif is reported injured caught/fleeing who knows.....Aieysha his daughter tried to call daddy on his cell. Guess what honey he can't answer where he is at. Now do you begin to feel a ounce of what your family did? You lost your brothers, father and husband. No one has a ounce of pity for you.

I have occasionally thought of another young woman who lost her husband. She is out there today I hope with a smile on her face. The man responsible for her husband dying is dead on the street of Sirte and no one cares about him. He crawled into a sewer and was shot like a rat. How will history write this day? 22 yrs ago we should have been headed home with our new son. Life took its time. Taher said we will go when G is dead, ok he is dead. Waiting to see now. When does his Trip of a Lifetime begin? Can you go home? Home will never be what he left. How many other Libyans out there are thinking the same as they lay their heads on a pillow tonight? How many died so we can make this journey? How do you repay that debt? I pray this is the end of fighting and a road to progress begins with Saturday when they declare Libya FREE. Stay tuned..Don't let us wake up from this dream.