Saturday, May 29, 2010

You Can't Go Home Again

Sorry, but this is the first time I have had an opportunity to sit down and type anything. We arrived in Orlando on May 10th and it has now been about three weeks since we arrived. Much like being overseas we are limited on Internet access. We have to go to a public library or to either my sister or my aunts home to get Internet otherwise and the girls are pretty hard up for access. We arrived and went to my sisters home where my mother was waiting for us to arrive since with kids and baggage there was no room for her to meet us at the airport. My sister has a nice place with a covered pool and the girls eyed it greedily. Later we proceeded to my mothers apartment and we saw that she had a one bedroom apartment with a small kitchen and living room. That night we blew up some air mattresses and the girls settled in for their first night.

My first goal was to see my grandmother. She had made it to almost 90 years and I was so fearful that another day would pass and it would be too late. So the next morning we took a drive to Sanford to the nursing home where she is living. I saw her the moment I was through the door. It was a hard shock having only seen a picture of her in the last 35 years and she had lost even more weight from the photo. But it was my grandmother. I can in my heart say she knew who I was but in reality she probably had no idea anymore than some stranger who walked in off the street. She was sitting in a common room and lying in a wheelchair lounger. I guess she was in quite a bit of pain and she was uncomfortable sitting. Needless to say we didn't stay for very long its hard to see someone you love in pain. We shot a few photos and then mom took us on a drive to Geneva where I grew up. I could picture some of the places but so much has changed in over 40 years since I had been up that old road. The weeds and trees now cover everything and you could not see more than a foot past the edge of the road. This was once the front of the house. We drove by the cemetery and I took a few photos of the headstones and we drove through the town and momma showed me a few historic places in town. A few days later we went to my Aunt Ruby's house and saw her and her husband Larry. I have memories of Ruby but none of Larry so it was like meeting someone for the first time. A few days later I got to see my aunt Mary and her sweetie John. They have six acres of land in Sanford and it has a small pond on it and boy I could stay here forever.
Most of the trip so far has gone pretty good but its hard being around people you haven't seen in so many years. There are times when things are strained with my mother and I had no memory of this but I guess my brother in law didn't care for me as I guess the first time I was too have met him was when I was picking up my two oldest girls at my mothers house over 20 years ago and I guess I ran in and out without a single word to him. I did apologize but who knows. You can't undo past. I have spent two weekends at my aunts house and one of them was when my aunt Anita came down from Georgia to see grandma. I got to meet her four children and a few of the kids of my uncle Mike and Mary's son Charlie. We had a nice get together but I will have to load photos later on that one. I'm on another user on the computer and I can't access all my photos.
Other than that, Fatimah had two assignments to finish while we were here and we have been photographing bugs and birds and all kinds of plants while we are here. We will have a few days of looking things up online to see and learn more about them. Well, here it is late and I will try to get a few more bits down before the trip is over and I forget half of what I did.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Trip to Make

When the Hubby and I married I promised I would go with him anywhere as long as before I left the country for good I would be able to go back to my childhood home and see my family one last time. Don't fear! I'm not leaving the least not this time. Another trip is now in the plans and it is one that has been 37 years in the waiting. I'm going back home. I was born in Sanford, Florida and lived in a smaller town Geneva until I was seven when momma remarried. We left and returned for one year in 1972-1973. Since then, I have not been back home. After dad passed away momma moved back there to be close to her family. My sister Faye also lives there with her husband Mike.
I have been itching to go somewhere again and with this years taxes I asked him a favor. I want to go home. I had my grandchildren with me last summer and my mother and sister visited also during their stay. The day after their arrival I had a stroke and it scared me. Life is just to damn short. I need to see my family again. I need to see my roots and share it with my children. working on genealogy my kids hear some of the details of where I grew up but know little of my life. So me and the girls are making a trip. Tickets are bought and we will be leaving from May 9th to June 21st. While I am there I will be seeing my grandmother who will turn 90. I pray she holds on long enough for me to see her.
My camera is shot so I need to get another one before I go but I hope to do a few things while I am there. Go to the cemetery and photograph the headstones. Look up some records and talk to as many family members as I can. I have lost so many years and my own aunts and uncles I don't even know anymore. They have children I have never seen or they were babies when I last saw them and they are now parents themselves. I want to show the kids what is left of the home I grew up in, the school and places I lived at. Hopefully I will get a good chance to post all my adventures. I pray it is more than what I hoped when I visited my husbands family. I still love them and hope to travel there again but who knows when that will be. I made a video from some old images that I dedicated to my grandparents and I have added a link here. I am trying to get others interested in what I am doing. I guess I had already added this but there is another I will add too. Cant figure out how to remove the other one so here it is again.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What's Happening

Well it's hard to believe we are in a new year. In some ways not much has happened but as always the children are growing and I am getting older. I have continued my genealogy work and begun a new venture, making home videos. I have two now one a tribute to my grandparents and one for my son Suhayb. I have added one here for you to enjoy. Hopefully it doesn't get edited for some reason.