Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Opportunities That Only Come Once In Life

Sometimes you get a chance to do something that you feel at the time is a once in a lifetime chance. Two days ago hubby called from work and offered me two tickets to go see Obama speak in Denver. Sure I will take them and Khadijah can go as I felt she would get the most out of it. It was a town meeting about Job Reform Act and expected to be indoors so was excited to go. By evening my son said he didn't want to take me that far as it was on the other side of downtown Denver. My drivers licence had expired on my birthday and hadn't gotten around to deciding if I would renew it. But by morning if I wanted to go I would have to take myself or find someone to go with. I called my friend Carolyn and she works close to the meeting place and she said it was ok I was in a grace period and could still drive.

A quick dress and I was out the door headed to the dreaded freeway. I got to the corner and hit a red light, bad omen one. Got two blocks down and all of a sudden red lights flashing and all cars moving to left, 4 car pile up, omen two. Honestly I should have turned around then, but I kept on. Took the off-ramp and saw a bit of slow traffic oh boy why don't I take the next exit and go back home. Again, I shrugged off the ill omens and headed north. Traffic was not to bad but was still white knuckled by the time I arrived to her work. We sat and chatted until time to go. She grabbed her cellphone and put in the address into a mapping program and it said two miles. Driving down we got close to the address that the GPS was saying yet no school was in site. Are you sure its correct? Looked at the address, "NO" its south not north we got half the city to cross and now we are running late. (go home now, go home now). Reprogrammed and hit the gas. Finally, we see a large crowd ahead. Where is parking? Ask a ROTC kid think they are helping with crowds, lots of them around. Turn around go back a few blocks park in Kmart parking. Cool. Noticed crowd on north was smaller so we headed there. Its hot outside, no worries once we get through the scanners we will be in the school gym then we can relax. 1/2 hour later we are at the scanners. Guy says head to the bandstand and get as close as you can. "Bandstand"???? You mean that spot over where the camera crews have set up?? Where are bleachers?? Chairs??? Nope you need to stand here. Ticket says 11 am. Ok, Im in a suit in 90 sun with no clouds no shade. Wish I had listened to my little whispers. Crowd gathering closer now its filling in. How are all those people outside the gate going to fit in the school parking lot?? It's 11:30 when is he speaking? Person next to me says 2 PM. WHAT DID YOU SAY???
Its been an hour they have already had to take 1 person away from the heat. Its so hot. But I chat with the people around me, it could be worse.. rain, snow we could be listening to G speak not Obama. We are here on our own accord, we are not starving waiting for food relief. There was no water or food allowed in, no umbrellas too. No room to even sit down now. Its Noon. Another person has to be carted away. An old couple is next to me, a older woman and a younger couple he's a vet, served in Dubai. Lots of teens around. One is pushing the vet. He tells him to backup a bit. Kid started to bad mouth. Kid is come on...great im in a high crime area and I got two people ready to fight in a parking lot and snipers on the roof easy shot..its a peaceful gathering...(why didn't I stay home) is good tells the kid come on you got no chance. Kid backs off and moves away. A few other kids are smooching the older couple chuckles and says get a room please. They stop :). Its 1pm. two more people are down. The elderly woman is getting too hot. Here sit on my jacket kids move a bit let her rest. We crowd around her to block the sun someone gets some water for her. They give us small glasses of water the line is 50 people deep. The wife is not feeling good now..husband is worried its ok we got it..a kid hands us a note book so we can fan her and we block the sun with my jacket again. People keep pushing past us..come on we got old people here you are going to step on..they don't seem to care. We keep reminding ourselves it could be worse. God keeps blowing small kisses of cool air though the crowd. Im fine and Carolyn has moved up toward the front..nope I will stay here its more spaced.. 2PM..finally we stand straight for the flag. American the Beautiful is sung, she did well. The time is up...people on the stage pointing one more down...asking for water...yeah where is water they should be passing water through the crowds. We discuss how eloquent a speaker Obama is, will he get a second term to undo the damage, will his bill pass, at least we are not listening to G. Music is playing songs filter over the crowd... Helo flies overhead..He is here...WOW its him. Obama...He starts to speak most I cannot hear even though he has microphones. Its like sardines now and some kid over 6 ft just got in front of me...I look around kids smaller than me, the old couple, the lady in red (we called her)..her name is Betty. We introduced ourselves. Such nice people to be near. The kids look on to our odd little group.
I can see the back of Carolyn's head on an off. 1/2 its over..The older couple had to leave she was getting too hot they missed most of it unless she got moved back a bit and got some water. Too many people all coming my way. I moved back to the cameras..Carolyn is here. amazingly neither of us is hot or woozy from the heat..
I moved, OMG my feet are killing me.. I find a clearing and take off my shoes..i feel better. We start heading to the car. Officers are taking pictures with people..Men in uniform. Someone asked if i'm ok,,yes im feet hurt. Cross the street and walk two blocks in stocking feet, it feels so good but im so stiff. Lets get to the car go eat. Roadblocks lets go north miss all the traffic we can find our way stick on the main roads. Industrial area lots of dead ends. Follow the buses. Hey we are close to Carolyn's parents home can I drop her. Stay to chat, a bit of cake and a drink. I can't wait to get out of these clothes. Its getting late suddenly..Lets go to late to shop now. Traffic is smooth sailing and I arrived at home. I am hungry, I can smell food. Thank God the kids are cooking..I walk in "MOMMA what happened to your face?? Walk to the bathroom. Lift my scarf. Sunburned.. shower feels good. Lotion on my face..go to bring me dinner and I eat. Im tired want to sleep. Phone rings...better not be Melissa calling that she is in labor..she is due soon. No they are inducing me on grandma's birthday can I call her tomorrow so she will know. Sure hey I saw Obama today all I got was a sunburn. :P here is what he said. Remind me next time someone offers me a once in a lifetime chance to do something I find out more ahead of time. My face is sore today...