Sunday, December 31, 2006

I guess its Eid

Yesterday was the first day of Eid. We sat home as usual while hubby went to work. Today is Sunday. I'm on the computer, as if I don't get on before 10 am I am hounded until I let the kids have their turn. One just came in an informed me they would give me some more time as they were eating breakfast. Anyways may everyone else have a pleasant holiday. Mine is as usual. Bye probably till next year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Its 23 degrees outside

This morning it began snowing again. They are telling us up to a foot and a half of snow by Thursday. Here's the pics of the snow so far.

This is the view out my back door.

My front window.

The window on the covered side of the house seems to be deeper that's about 7 inches on top of old paint cans that are five gallons and they are nearly covered now. So I guess unless it warms up we will have a white holiday. I would rather be in sunshine.

Here is the update unless you have world news you may have missed that we are now under 2 ft. of snow and it is still growing! So not only am I home with five kids but hubby gets to spend another day home. Here is some more photos

This is out my back door. See the split rail fence that comes to my waist and the top rail is 2 feet above the lawn. With the blowing snow its not level but we are reporting 26" in Aurora as of the reports this morning.

This is my poor neighbors truck we will be shoveling him out I am sure. The snow has drifted to just about cover the front of his truck. Here's another.

Remember the paint buckets? They are vanished now. I can reach out my window and scoop up the snow.

All the city and county are closed and most business are trying to decide who will open and who does not have enough employees to cause them to stay closed. The airport will not even open again until 7 pm today. I'm sure not too many people planned to spend their holiday in the airport the count was 4,700 people last night. State National Guard was sent out last night to rescue people trapped on the various highways coming out of the mountains. For the first time in many years chains were required on Arapahoe Road again. I don't know if my friend got home who lives off of C-470 but I am sure she has disaster plans for her daughter. I can't even go get her! Finally the last time we had this much snow it melted and the ditch that is behind our property flooded from fencepost to fencepost as we are the lowest lying house along it. Never made it into the yard as it is uphill by about another foot so I was thankful but I did take videos in case I needed to call the insurance man. Too all of you out there who read my blog. Wishing you a happy and safe New Year. Rain, Snow or Sunshine may you all be blessed in the coming year.

What a difference a day makes! It stopped snowing around 2 pm in my neck of Aurora. We came in with 26 inches of snow not including the drifts. Then the fun began. My husband had gone out to get some milk just as the storm was going into full swing and got stuck in the lower half of the drive with the knowledge that if people did get out they could hit the car we all went out and helped clear the driveway so he could pull the car up. We made a walking path for the mailman as the city requires and went in. My hubby always refuses to listen and in winter especially I worry he will injure his back again. I had to give him a big massage in the evening to calm his back down. Thankfully this morning he can move. He called into work and found a human voice so guess that means he's going into work. The airport is still digging out so they can be back to normal. The malls are all still closed til Saturday I can see the stores, even if I wanted to, I'm not going out it will be insane. Guess I am stuck home at least till after Christmas. I hear Eid is coming I saw something on the Internet. My hubby didn't seem to care much when I reminded him. I guess we will do as usual stay home maybe get pizza from the local bakery. Sadly I took most of my games to Libya and left them there I'm a big board games junkie and all I have left here is Scrabble, Boggle and Risk besides a Monopoly Pokemon version. I do have a deck of cards or I can go through my videos again. Even most of my arts and crafts stuff is there, I was planning ahead so there would be less to bring next visit.
Time to go my little one is up and her sugar is 57 so I need to make sure she eats breakfast and gets her insulin. The roads must be passable if you get to the main roads as I haven't had hubby walk back home yet! I will try to get a few more pics before its gone. It's 25 degrees and the sun is shining! Next is the floods of water that turn to ice blocks at night.

Update: Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the Northeast Plains. This storm shall bring high winds and heavy snows over much of the state. Travel in and out of the state may be canceled.
So here it is Wednesday and we are expecting more snow by Thursday. Another 12-18" is what they are shooting for. So yesterday I got the chance to go out and take a look at the state of the local area. Not bad if you don't mind the snow pack that makes it hard to tell where the sidewalks are. Oh, there the mountains that the bus people are standing on or in front of on the streets. No one cares to clean them. The city is still trying to get the streets clean so the sidewalks will have to wait. Watch out for people standing in the street. Another worry is the path can disappear quickly so beware. You are traveling 75 down Parker Road on your way to work suddenly the three lane becomes two lanes and you got a large truck next to you and a person standing in the street waiting for the bus. Thankfully I drive 25 when it is like this. Then the parking lots. Oh yes I had to go to a store. The water was pooling in one area and cars were trying to determine if they should go through. The jeep in front of me went through OK so I took a leap of faith. Thanks to four-wheel drive I made it through the maze of ice blocks and water. We went into the store and the shelves are eerily nude of items. The local grocery was low on just about everything. But I got a 24 pack of toilet paper and some milk to cover the next few days. I took a small jaunt to Lowes (home improvement store) and wandered around the tile and bath departments. I was getting idea booklets for my home in Libya. The glass doors are pretty but I saw better ones in Tripoli and they probably cost much less. At least in our eyes they do. I got a wonderful pamphlet on glass block for showers and walls. Oh I think I remember seeing some in Tajura. I wonder if it is more cost effective than concrete for a wall?
OK, back from my daydreams. Being indoors for over two weeks is making me batty. I did get a chance to go out but with 5 dollars in my pocket it wasn't the same. I was almost out of gas so I needed it just in case. I had asked him for a check to write the co-pay for the doctor and he just replied have him bill me.
Got back around 4 pm and the kids had not even fixed Fatimah some lunch. The neighbor was out trying to clear the snow around his truck but it had a flat tire and I told him that if the city came through they would likely bury his truck so to wait. A few hours later we got a snow plow through. We were elated. Oh yeah I forgot they are city drivers. He dropped his blade about one inch onto the snow and moved a few inches. I guess he was checking the depth? No he skimmed past us as we looked on in disbelief. He went to the end of the block and I have no idea if he did anything there. The cars on the end will be covered till June at this rate. He came back as I headed up towards him and we watched in continued amazement as he pushed a mound of snow about three inches. One that didn't even need to be touched. And if he had covered the drive it was for the house of a single woman so all the neighbors would have to be out there helping her remove it. He touched nothing else and disappeared around the corner of the block. So much for removal! We have two drainage ditches on the block that if we don't want ice blocks we have to keep clear you would have thought he would have scraped near them to allow water to drain, no, sorry I lost my head again. City worker. So even though we can get in and out if you have four wheel drive or a truck that is. We were alone again. I went inside and the weather reports started. I called hubby and told him we were expecting another storm and told him we should double check for needed items just in case it gets that bad again. His car is on E and mine is still out of commission, so I suggested he get gas tonight as there were shortages of gas in the area. He sat down and turned on the TV. I guess that is a good excuse not to have to work? Sorry boss I'm out of gas. I guess he can blame it on me for using his gas to take Aieysha to the doctor.
I found the house payment envelope on the dash and looked at it. I was going to take it to the bank for him and I saw that there was no check inside. When he got home I asked him about the payment. Yes, he knows its in his car. Yes, but the payment was due December 1st, no later than December 18th or late payment. No, that's the bill for next month. No, its not check again. Now he is angry and goes outside to the cold air and checks the bill. For once I am right as I can hear him bitching in the other room. Sorry not my fault I replied, I don't pay the bills anymore remember. Well why is it late? Remember we didn't get a statement last month because we were a month ahead and I called twice to get one so we could stay that way. We finally got it but he thought it was for January. No, remember I told you the bill was for December! So today is what the 26th? Late payment huh! I told him you know we could have done something else with that money!!! He always pulls that one on me.
Suhayb came up and asked for a game for Eid. Yeah right. AS if he will buy anything. His reason he didn't study. Good excuse dad lets see what you come up with for the others. Alright I am still ranting. But as I told the phonegirl at his job. I have been in the house for weeks and no money to spend and santa still didn't leave me a present.
I mentioned to him how Libya was not allowing for "New Years" celebrations this year. He told me that Libya has never celebrated the New Year. Well if they didn't why would they ban something that wasn't being done? Oh and I mentioned that they celebrate Christmas there too. He shouted no they do not! Ok then why do I have a picture of his sister standing next to a pine tree that is decorated with garland and balls? Humm must be some other strange holiday that uses decorated trees? He got angry and tossed the picture. He asked who was this sister. I told him he didn't say much after that. Its going to be a long winter.
I'll keep you posted with pics if I can. With this much snow and hardly any melting I worry that power can be lost. I would just loose Internet if the phones went down, but I would not have a electric source for long either. I have my camp stoves and oil lanterns and wood is around the house too. So don't fear I will make do. Its a few more days and the kids go back to school. Maybe then the city will clear the roads.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hard Decisions

What do you do when it seems no one but you wants to do something? I want to return to live in Libya but my children have various levels of refusal. I can only attribute it to our previous visit and how many things could have been different. I try to tell them how we can prepare better so we don't have as many problems as we did when we were there before, but I still am met with refusals.

My family was military and we moved so much in my life that I thought moving was normal. So after I married Taher I moved only six more times. We finally got a home when I was pregnant with Suhayl as no place in town had three to four rooms for rentals. As a result all the kids have grown up in one home, never knowing the heartache of having to say goodbye to friends and places you love. I try to tell them that life can be what we make of it, and that moving can be an adventure as well as hard to do. Yes, saying goodbye to people you have known all your life and a home that has so many memories is not easy. I remember days where I would have never sold my house now I would sell it in a heartbeat if the market was better.
I have even offered to allow the kids to decorate the rooms as they would like. My girls have a yellow room a nice sunny yellow with a white picket fence that surrounds the room, a bench with potted vines graces it sides. One one wall I have a vine arbor that waits for you to enter. Behind the picket is flowers like an English garden and golden bees flit around the flowers. Its one of my better achievements. The room took five days to paint and I had to stop on the final wall as my hubby wanted to get the beds back in the room. That was OK because on that wall I put my daughters bed and covered it with a iron arbor and use tulle and silk flowers to make a spring garden over her bed. I love the room.
So in Libya, Khadijah wants to finish that theme with a seasonal cover for her bed and decorations to match. Can I find decorations in Libya or will I need to bring some things with me? Aieysha wants a music inspired room with a scroll of notes of her favorite song along the wall. Maybe a few bars as I will begin to see notes in my dreams after that! I want to make a stage area for her drum set where she can practice her drums and I want to grace the room with instruments from all over the world. I have a bunch that I got at World Imports here. Suhayb finally asked if he could have a Hockey inspired room. Sure I had seen one done on Extreme Home Makeovers that I thought was real cute for a small boy I would just need to adapt it for a bigger guy.
Regardless of these ideas, the kids still do not want to move to Libya. So what is a parent to do. I tell them so what there is many times I didn't want to move in my life but life isn't always what we want. What about their father, he needs to come back and take care of his parents and as he even says "what goes around comes around", so he needs to do his share.
So as I sit depressed so many days this month, I wonder if I am doing the right thing. Should I force the kids to do as we wish? They are citizens of both countries and can always return to the USA when they are older. Sometimes I hate being in the US so much but that is me. Maybe if I could get him to move to a farm out in the middle of nowhere I would feel better. Since I never see anyone anyways what would be different! I don't know I guess I will have to continue to work this out. Lets see what next summer brings for now and then go from there. Ladies or Gents any suggestions on what you would do?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Thanks for Snow Days "Ode to Khadijah Teri"

A few weeks ago I commented to Khadijah that I would rather be in the sun than the snow. She noted me back that she missed the snow and I promised her I would post the next snow day in photos. So here is my snow day yesterday. Enjoy Khadijah I didn't....

By the way except for some bruises no one was injured..but my car!! My son who just got his license was bring his brother home from school. And hit a sheet of ice and landed in this nice ladies yard. Took out three sections of a split rail fence and nearly punctured the radiator of my car. See the log sticking out of my grill. Today we see a doctor and wait to hear from our insurance agents.