Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Voting Year and Our Choices

Who can miss the daily onslaught of our Presidential Canidates and their banter? We live in a country where up until the 1950's Blacks could not vote without fear of harm. Women got the right to vote long before them even. I remember when it first started and Hilary Clinton spoke out against Barack Obama ,of him having been a muslim as a youth. Also that he had attended a "radical" Islamic School as a child. That set me as a sure fact that I would not choose her as my next President. Why? How low do you have to go to bring up such an issue? Let's just add fear mongering to her abilities. As you all know who read my blog, I work on my family genealogy and some days I don't have much to do so I fiddle with various options that my program gives me. One such option is to find records of "famous" people that I am related to. As I have noted some are quite cool and with the name Bush as one of my family lines I also checked out that option. Thankfully, I am not from the same group as far as the USA Bush's are concerned. What may hold from England I am unsure. That far back I am not to concerned. But one came up that surprized me and I am sure if she knew maybe she would look at things differently.

Hilary Rodham Clinton. Yes, the great "well look at you" woman herself is my eighth cousin! That means eight generations back our common ancestor was Elizabeth Ferris (humm Faris-Ferris, could I be related to my hubby too?)through my grandfather we twist and weave through males and females back through time and low and behold. I guess now I can call her up and say "Hi Cousin"! This is your Muslim cousin callin want to take a trip down and visit with ya.

Why did I bring it up? What I have come to find is alot of people are related to each other in many different ways and to publicly denounce someone because of their ethnic or religious background; expecially coming from a public servant, you not only make yourself look bad and ugly but you may hurt someone indirectly. I don't know who I will vote for in the coming elections but I know who I am not voting for. There are hundreds of thousands of American Muslims living in the USA and I wonder how many feel she deserves our vote? If she is telling us not to trust someone who was a muslim as a child what is she telling our muslim children? What about our young muslim men and women who serve in our military? You can go die for this country but I won't trust you. Not very far off from how African Americans were treated just a few hundred years ago. You can die for me but you can't be free or have equal rights as I do. Same for our Japaneese Americans who suffered during WWII. When does such ignorance end?

I read books dealing with the time frames that I am working on so I can put myself into my work properly I just finished Roots by Alex Haley and now am reading Grapes of Wrath. I remember how the Roots story rooted a nation to the TV as a teen and the whole world watched as young Kunta Kinte became a slave. I also watch movies like Mississippi Burns and the fictional Mrs. Jane Pittman and I am reminded that my children have never known any of the things that these movies portrayed. In a grateful way I am thankful. My children sit next to children from all walks and races and have the same opportunities as any other child to succeed in this world and I hope their world will be a better place than what we the Baby Boomers have done.

Are we ready for a Change? Black Man or White Woman, humm. I guess we can always choose Democrat if we feel we are not ready for such a dramatic change. Choose wisely is all I can say. The next generation is depending on it.