Saturday, November 16, 2013

Things That Go Boom in the Night..and other horror stories we tell our children.

I'm sure many are waking to news that Libya is again in turmoil. Yes, in reality its never stopped just news moves on to bigger stories til something happens enough to turn its eye back. Is Libya safe? Why are you still there? Get back here! How do you want us to come to Libya when we see this on TV? These and many more questions i'm sure you are asking. Reality is no where is safe, no where is peaceful. This is the world we live in. Have I gone nuts? Well that is a tough one..long ago some would say.

Yesterday I watched Twitter to see what the day would bring. Fridays not much happens here since everything is pretty much shut down til after 5 pm so calls to protest the problems of rouge militias seemed to be on everyone's minds. Fatimah had stayed the night with some family and was going with them to visit their grandparents and by afternoon I was worried, had she gone anywhere near the trouble spots? We live 8 miles from the border of Tripoli so its close but far enough that most issues are just read about in the papers or online and sounds on the wind. A storm had passed over the past two days and left rain water in many areas and our trip to the local outdoor market the day before we knew the roads would be haphazard so any plan to go out meant to Tripoli and knowing that there could be road blockages kept me from even asking to go even though we need things only found in town. Later as I stood on the roof trying to get a glimpse of the skyline over Tripoli through the palms I worried about my youngest daughter and called to make sure they were safe.

I watched as a few planes came overhead one jet landing so he may have had a run over the trouble spots but he wasn't going back at least he wasn't shooting people.  I stayed on the rooftop playing with the pups and talking with Aieysha trying to keep an eye out listening for booms in the distance. Night began to fall and it gets cold quickly up there so we headed in. I then sat with my tablet and scrolled through bits and pieces being reported around Tripoli. I went to bed around 10 pm feeling overwhelming sadness at the events unfolding online. Hubby didn't want me watching the TV news. So all I could get was online.

Through the night it seems Tripoli was bombarded. This time not by its Government but by people who once stood up and protected her. Many spoke that this day was predicted long ago. Many of us spoke of Orwell's Animal Farm and how soon would that be.  Last night the PIGS tore through the other animals in the field.  Only unlike a animation in reality humans died and were maimed. These are the times when I gave up watching some movies, too many came true past two years around the world not just here. I can no longer tell my kids that is just cinema magic its not real. As I said yesterday i'm left with Zombie/Vampire movies, for now I can rest knowing they cannot rise. The booms rang out in a city just a few miles away yet we slept in silence..while the world watches in sadness at what has become of a country that fought for its freedom. There is still hope.
A new image haunts me, a young woman her head blown away...I know what is like not to see my sons face before they put him in the ground what do you tell her mother?

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Esther Dunlap said...

Dear cousin, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I just finished reading your blog and it has been fascinating and also sad. I can't imagine the pain of not having your child with you any longer, even though I have seven angel babies, but I do know we will see them again someday. I pray things get better over there, I'm always watching the news to see what is going on over there. Mom, Janice Barfield Giddens, has told me so much about you and reading your blog helped me get to know you better. I pray things get better over there, you're in my thoughts a lot :)Thanks for sharing your life.