Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Precious Gem

This month seems like its going to be a long one. I lose an Aunt, a ex brother in law, and now a distant cousin. She died on the 18th.
Feb 17th was the anniversary of the Uprising in Libya and I went out to be part of the celebrations. I don't have the images downloaded to this comp but I will try and post some soon but I did post one on my Facebook page. I got the privilege to sit next to the mother of one of the martyrs of Tajoura during the program. She saw me sitting on the curb near her and asked a young boy to give me his seat. I kissed her on the cheek and told her thanks. She knew me I guess I am still trying to find out if she is a neighbor. I found out her name and her sons name he is a Tarhuni. We have a few families nearby with that family name. As we sat they brought to her the new photo of her son they used in the ceremonies and I asked to photograph it. I looked at the image and saw the date of his death. 10/17/2011. Yeah Suhayb's 21st birthday. I sat and cried. She had apparently came to the funeral. She seemed familiar. I hope I can one day have enough Arabic I can visit some of the people who lost family and tell you their stories. Someone needs too cause it seems like people are just numbers or someone on TV that you don't know but you heard about and forget a few days later.

Well it was like that two days ago. A cousin of mine posted a Amber Alert for a young girl missing in Missouri and said she was related. I didn't really know how but I looked and saw the father of the girl was a Barfield. I asked her if he was related and she told me yes. My mothers great grandmother is a Barfield and we found each other online just before I came to Libya. We keep in touch in those odd hours of the day or night. Being on different sides of the earth its hard to keep up with stuff going on. But anyways this little girl was snatched just right next-door to her house in broad daylight with view of a neighbor. I mean yeah people watching!! Sadly, she wasn't found in time. I don't know all the details and I will probably hear them soon enough you know how media is. But for now all I care about is this poor little girl was at the hands of a murderer of children.

I like to believe that she didn't feel much and God took her quickly. The part I am happy about is they did catch him. He is in jail but you know the system. You hope justice will prevail. If not like a few Dictators around the world lately God will be waiting for them. There is a joy in knowing they will suffer much longer. God doesn't have lawyers who can get them off on technical, his prisons are eternal torment no one to say he isn't being treated kindly there. He will get what he deserves. Little Hailey I sure wish your parents will know that one day he will serve his sentence. They say books are written and like I have said some days its not that they are gone but how they died that makes it feel so wrong when we lose someone. These are one of the days we ask God why??

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