Friday, February 21, 2014

Time To Set The Record Straight

I know when I first wrote the messages about my sons accident it was hard. Here it is 5 months later and it still is. But I have found out more about the accident and I want it to be on paper since much will never be known beyond stories that get passed down. So I need to put it down for future generations.

Here is what I know now: That morning we had gone into Tripoli to schedule a surgery for Aieysha and had gone with a cousin to the Shar AlZawiya hospital in Tripoli. We went downstairs and waited to see a doctor and him and my husbands cousin AbdulZag Faris sat and talked later I found out it was about him wanting to get married and looking for land for a house and what he wanted to do with his life. Aieysha and I sat in the women's waiting area so we didn't hear this conversation but he told me about it later.
We finally got done and headed back into Tajoura to drop me and Aieysha off at the house so he could go to work and have time to do some reading before his class began. He was teaching English in a school just inside the borders of town. About a 10 minute drive from here. He dropped me off and I told him to tell them he would not be there the following Wednesday because of her surgery. I don't remember if I told him I loved him. But I told him see you later. I guess he got on the phone with his cousin and headed out to the main road. I was first told that he was bumped from behind well that wasn't what happened. He headed down the road and got to the roundabout and turned west and headed into Tripoli. Its like I said a few minutes drive but speeds on that road can reach well over 70 mph. Its posted 50 but no one follows rules here. There are marked lanes but no one stays in lanes either and if its crowded well it will be 9 lanes not 4. But he was on his way. A few more minutes and he would have made the turn off the main coastal road and been off it but well guess God had his plans.
Along comes the villain of the story... I guess he was in a hurry well aren't we all. He was headed East on the opposite side of the median and was weaving in and out at high speeds like everyone else going wherever they were headed. I guess he thought he could make that squeeze between cars and well maybe if things had been different he would have, I see it enough each time we drive. Well today was not a lucky day. He clipped a car and sent it like a bullet over the median right into Suhayb. Think about it what speed does it take to make a car a heavy car fly over a median into oncoming cars and just tear through them like they were butter? I don't know I'm not into physics. You can see the pics. But it hit my car with force and I was told they rolled a few times before settling near the seaside ledge. They said he was injured in the head, and lower abdomen someone told Fatimah his legs were severed but I didn't see that in the doctors slim report of the accident. I didn't get a report like we would be use to in the USA. Nor did his father or I get to view the body. I don't even know who saw him or identified him. People stopped talking about it. So much death here people just move on. But anyways not only was Suhayb killed instantly they said but the man in the other car was cut in half they tell me he was trying to buckle or was buckled and the seat-belts tore him in half at the scene. They said the man stopped to help. Not much to do was there? Did my son take his last breath before you saw him or did he die in someones arms? Did he say his last rites? Was there time? I don't know and sometimes this haunts me. Did he see the car coming or was it so sudden that he didn't know until it happened? A police officer who was nearby at a border post said he came to the scene and saw the name Faris and called a family just up the street asked him if he knew the person. It took him a few minutes but he said oh yes they are related to me. I'm told he knows more. There is still a court case but I have no clue what is going on. Justice here is way behind. They got lots to deal with death by car accident takes a backseat to murder and finding bodies in mass graves. I was told it was quick.
 This is the little boy who asked me could he be a Prophet one day. I hope he did leave a message for all of us. Love each other while you can. Every day someone dear to someone of us passes on. What messages do they leave behind?

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KhadijaTeri said...

Keep strong... they say time heals, but I'm not sure I believe that. Maybe the pain just dulls a bit. Maybe you need to take a trip 'home' and have a bit of a break.