Friday, July 07, 2006

First Impressions

First Impressions are usually what make or break a relationship so putting the best foot forward is always best. The family men arrived at the airport to take us home and probably drove the slowest for what I have seen so far. I came to the house and was greeted by my husbands sisters and brothers and mom and dad. How many tears were shed? Where was my husband and when would he arrive? Who is who and can I remember names five minutes from now? We bustled and finally went up stairs to see our section of the house. The house to me was beautiful but a farcry from what I was use too. I was sitting in a large room first and when we went up two flights of stairs I was shown my portion of the house. A large family room with a bedroom and a second family room to the right that will have to be a bedroom for now. Then through a doorway to a kitchen on the left a bathroom in the middle and a bedroom for me to the right. All the rooms are about three times bigger than what I am use to though. The bathroom was probably the most interesting.
You got the toilet that plugs if you put paper in it so you need to put it in a baggy to toss. Then the bidet is next to the toilet but no water you got a hose off the side of the main toilet to use. Then the sink and cupboards are in front of you and the tub is to my right. Tub is a shower to with the plumbing on the side but does not have a curtain. The ceiling is about 20 ft tall so forget hanging from the ceiling. The room is large so the average curtain rod would never reach so lock the door and undress. The floor is tile so if water goes out you squeegee it to the hole in the floor. Best way to clean a bathroom. Toss water and rinse. The kitchen has homemade cupboards but they are not to bad. The counter is covered with marble tile that is so thick it would cost hundreds of dollars to buy in the USA. Other than that the kitchen has a table as a stove and fridge were not bought yet they are waiting to see if we stay to buy one. Since the family eats together that has not been much of an issue yet. But I sure miss my water cooler!
The main level is a large open room probably around 2000 sq ft. This is the main room during the day or for ladies. To the right there is a room for men and two smaller rooms. My inlaws sleep there. There is a kitchen to the left. The kitchen has a large propane stove that I was afraid to light but now I'm cool and a fridge and counters with plenty of cupboards. The sink is placed so high though that I strain my back washing dishes. I think it was built for taller people.
After two days I finally got to go out of the house and I was shown the old home that was attached to my house on the left. This was the home my husband remembers. A smaller version of the one we have now. That had a hoot of a bathroom. You straddle a hole in the floor to go potty! It is not in use now but it can be refurbished for future use.
I went outside of the home and went through a large gated area to see the outside world that I had viewed from the many rooms of my home. Wow across the street (if you want to call it that, more like an alley) was a bread market with small items for sale. I crossed the path and was shown the doorways to my sister-in-laws house. I came unexpected so I was bustled to the marbouah. This one was for the ladies and was quite nice with arabian couches that went around the room. After a bit I was told that my old friend has arrived so I hurried back to the house and found a room full of women I had to meet. After tea and chocolates I was excused and we went for a quick drive around the city. I went as far as the Green Square and saw the ocean on the right. There were people selling corncobs about every 20 ft along the ocean front. Traffic is another issue so you need to be on constant guard for what lies in front, to the side, and all around you. Accidents are a part of life here. Well this gives you a taste of my first days with so many ahead. Keep coming back for more and I will post pics soon.


khadijateri said...

Nice to see you are settling in :)

Sandi said...

Thank you for sharing your trip. My sister lives in Tripoli, and I read khadijateri's blog which is how I found your blog. I live in FL. Sandi

Sandi said...

Is this the same as corn on the cob?

dania2004 said...

wellcome to our country .. i think you will like Libya and its people .. or i hope so!!!
well i`m coming back to libya next week .. and i`m counting the hours to hug my mum again!!
bless you and injoy your trip

Dania`s mother